Hatchery Gets a Face Lift

Over the summer some of our club members have been spending a lot of time working on the hatchery to get it ready for this winters residents. The roof has been completly removed with new timbers installed and a new insulated Kingspan aluminium roof installed.

New Roof Covering

On the inside, the adult fish holding area was completly gutted and new pipework, concrete floor, walls have been painted and new lighting has been installed.

New Adult Fish Holding Area

All the rest of the hatchery has been rewired, new lights installed and all the walls have been painted.

Inside of Hatchery

Outside the walls have received a painting and all the bushes and trees around the building have been cleared away. A bit of tidying up has to be completed and the hatchery will be ready for its winter occupants.

The Newly Painted Outside of the Hatchery

Many thanks goes to all those who worked on the hatchery over the summer to leave Kilkeel Angling Club with a hatchery that will last us for the next 20 years plus.

Our web site is being viewed all around the world

Over the last couple of years you will have noticed a
'Stat Counter' image on the bottom of the home page. This has been counting the number of times that people view the web site. Other information that it can let you know is which country in the world they are viewing from.

Below is a list of the last 500 times that the web site was viewed.

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1             0.20% 

1             0.20%        Russian Federation


Dundalk & District Brown Trout Angling Association

Incorporating Castletown Salmon Anglers


Fellow anglers from the Dundalk area cross over the border into the Mournes to visit our angling club.


The visitors meet up with our chairman, David McCauley, and our treasurer, Alan Kilgore, at the disable pool. Here Davy and Alan give a talk on the history of our club and on how the river has been fishing over the last few years.




From there they where taken up to the hatchery where Joe Brown give a detailed talk on the hatchery. The visitors where shown the salmon eggs, most of which have not hatched yet, and the sea trout alevin or sac fry. Lots of questions where asked and after nearly an hour the visitors left to go to the golf club for a warm cup of tea.






Joe giving his talk to our visitors




Kilkeel Angling Club members with our visiting anglers from

Dundalk & District Brown Trout Angling Association

Incorporating Castletown Salmon Anglers

Last update 12th May 2020

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