Day Tickets

Day tickets cost £15.00 and can be obtained from;

Rafferty’s Garage, Newry Road, Kilkeel. (028) 41763297.

Tac-Amo, 36 Drummanmore Road, Kilkeel (028) 4176 9705. 8am to 10pm or visit their web site on Tac-Amo

Day Tickets only available from 1st June to 31st October.

Only three tickets are available from each outlet per day.

Day Tickets are only available for the day they are purchased, no advanced sales allowed. Any advanced ticket sales will automatically be revoked and the angler will loose their money.

The Day Tickets allow you to fish both the Kilkeel and the Whitewater rivers.

Day Ticket holders are NOT allowed to fish the Mourne Park section of the Whitewater River. Kilkeel River is Catch & Release only.

To fish the Whitewater River you must hold a Loughs Agency Rod Licence.

To fish the Kilkeel River you must hold a DCAL Rod Licence.

Both rivers will be closed on the first Saturday in October to accommodate Club competition.

Private River Watchers operate on both our rivers, you must to comply with their requests. Failure to comply may see your Day Ticket being revoked with no refund.

Last update 12th May 2020

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