2019 Club Competitions & Trophies

Please remember, any club member wishing to register a fish for any of the river competition must have it measured and verified by a committee member OR a photo of the fish with a tape beside it showing its length, if the fish is being returned.

Billy Bolton Shield
Heaviest Bag in Spring Competition

Robin Copeland Cup

First Fish of the Year

Community Relations Cup
Heaviest Fish of the Season

Grant - Wilson Cup
Heaviest Fish on Fly

Chamber of Commerce
Heaviest Fish by Associate Member

McCullough Shield
Heaviest Fish by Juvenile

Ed Kilgore Cup
Heaviest Fish by Juvenile on Fly

Kilmorey Estate Trophy
October Competition

Mourne Abbey Trophy
Heaviest Fish in Last Week of Season

Lawrence Finney Cup
Heaviest Bag in Winter Competition

Billy Bolton Cup
Heaviest Fish in Winter Competition

Angler of the Year

Club Man of the Year

Last update 12th May 2020

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