Kilkeel Angling Club

Kilkeel Angling Club was formed in 1979 by a group of local anglers who where concerned that their local rivers, which they fished on an informal bases, often with permission or tolerance of landowners, where coming under treat from poachers and also there was increasing environmental pressures. The first important action of the club was to acquire access and fishing rights. This required negotiations with land owners and the Kilmorey Settled Estate, who owned the fishing rights. Once the club had these matters dealt with then a development programme was put into place by the club committee. This involved the club taking a three pronged approach of protection, habitat improvement & stock enhancement.


Kilkeel Angling Club has been rewarded for this approach by winning the UK Salmon River Conservation competition in 1987 along with two other clubs from the mainland. The Club has maintained its interest in conservation on their river and have also give assistance & advice to other clubs and offered juvenile stock to clubs who have suffered fish kills through pollution.


To read a full history of the club please go to the 'About Us' page.

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Latest News

A wee reminder that Kilkeel Angling Club waters DO NOT open until 1st June.

We, as a Club, have decided to upgrade our current website so in the coming months this old format will be changed to a new more modern looking site. We look forward to hearing what you think of it when it goes live.

Last update 12th May 2020

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